Future Assembly


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What is Future Assembly?


A residency, a platform, a network

Future Assembly begun in 2016 to create space for experimentation, personal development and peer to peer learning for artists from Africa and its Diaspora.

The project was initiated with the aim of sharing privileges and access to knowledge, allowing artists room to make and think outside of the market, and to shift their practice through a change in context. It works through collaboration, shared networks and exchange, and each residency and exhibiting opportunity is shaped by the participant artist and project partners.

Session one launched with with Lagos-based photographer Logo Oluwamuyiwa who took part in a bespoke four-week residency and held his first solo exhibition in London.

Future Assembly returns in 2019 for session two. This time working with two artists who will take part in residencies in each others’ cities and takes us on a journey from London to Johannesburg and back, to Cambridge, then on to Lagos.