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Logo Oluwamuyiwa

Logo Oluwamuyiwa

Logo Oluwamuyiwa works predominantly with black and white photography. Exploring documentary and more conceptual modes he draws inspirations from the history of photography, poetry and daily life in Lagos.

He says: “My interest in photography is to train my eye and the camera to be a shrewd observer of the human carnival by capturing people, things and stories from perspectives that are often overlooked, ignored and taken for granted. I use my camera to direct people’s attention”

Oluwamuyiwa’s first major project Monochrome Lagos is a unique reflection on the city that strips away the vivid colours the metropolis is known for and presents a fresh perspective through portraiture and landscape photography. Monochrome Lagos is a digital archive that Oluwamuyiwa shares through his Tumblr and has been exhibited in Lagos in 2015.

Logo Oluwamuyiwa was selected to take part in Future Assembly through our collaboration with Africa Artists’ Foundation, Lagos.

Hansi Momodu-Gordon