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Magnum Photos

by Logo Oluwamuyiwa

I never thought the day would come so soon that I would walk into the building that houses the most prestigious photography agency in the world – a league of the brightest minds that have engaged the craft of image making – as my map indicated that I was two turns away from the building – I panicked and almost turned back feeling unworthy – I was scheduled for a 15:00 session but I had arrived about an hour earlier – leaving me enough time to see the works of Sergio Larrain popularly called the ‘Vagabond Photographer’.  The letters in his book revealed some of the doubts and interests I have engaged in my short career and I resonated strongly with the works, as I perused the gallery of well curated, mystical works that many elite photographers have envied him for. I was still caught up in his world when the warm and kind Hamish arrived, and the next three hours of conversation can only be summarized in a poem adapted from Sergio’s words. 

Grace comes when you are delivered from conventions and obligations, conveniences and competition – leaving you free like a child in his first discovery of reality.

I mean who gets a seat with Magnum Agency after just four years in?! As described by Sergio in his letter to Cartier Bresson – Grace is truly what makes a good photograph. 

Photo:   Quentin Servant  2014

Photo:  Quentin Servant 2014

Hansi Momodu-Gordon