Magnum Photos

by Logo Oluwamuyiwa

I never thought the day would come so soon that I would walk into the building that houses the most prestigious photography agency in the world – a league of the brightest minds that have engaged the craft of image making – as my map indicated that I was two turns away from the building – I panicked and almost turned back feeling unworthy – I was scheduled for a 15:00 session but I had arrived about an hour earlier – leaving me enough time to see the works of Sergio Larrain popularly called the ‘Vagabond Photographer’.  The letters in his book revealed some of the doubts and interests I have engaged in my short career and I resonated strongly with the works, as I perused the gallery of well curated, mystical works that many elite photographers have envied him for. I was still caught up in his world when the warm and kind Hamish arrived, and the next three hours of conversation can only be summarized in a poem adapted from Sergio’s words. 

Grace comes when you are delivered from conventions and obligations, conveniences and competition – leaving you free like a child in his first discovery of reality.

I mean who gets a seat with Magnum Agency after just four years in?! As described by Sergio in his letter to Cartier Bresson – Grace is truly what makes a good photograph. 

 Photo:   Quentin Servant  2014

Photo:  Quentin Servant 2014


The Photographers' Gallery

By Logo Oluwamuyiwa

Meeting with Janice Mclaren was inspiring to say the least; her familiarities with works from Nigeria gave her good vantage point to critique and understand my perspective as I explained my work to her. Attentively she listened way beyond the PowerPoint presentation, asking me about my background and how I found the craft “Photography” as if trying to discern what my true values and interests are. 

She applauded that I was lucky to have found a subject that I love shooting (Lagos) and said that in itself would be an advantage for my journey as a Photographer. But she also cautioned that my technical skills are still underdeveloped therefore advised me to work on that, by paying more attention to the settings and exposure of my images unless - of course its intentional artistic move to shoot in that style. She introduced me to the works of the shortlisted Deutsche Borse Prize that was currently on view at the gallery as well as the rich collection of photography books in the bookshop – Imagine my pride when I saw ‘Africa Under Prism’ a recent publication of Contemporary photography from the Lagos Photo Festival. I will definitely take her advice to heart. 


 From   20 April Wednesday  Note to self.  I am here, most importantly to learn.  To fill up  To quench a thirst.  Creation will happen.  #DailyAesthetic  #MonochromeLagos  #FutureAssemblyResidencyDay3 (at Goldsmiths, University of London)


20 April Wednesday

Note to self.

I am here, most importantly to learn.

To fill up

To quench a thirst.

Creation will happen.



#FutureAssemblyResidencyDay3 (at Goldsmiths, University of London)


Opening Night. Done.

A massive thank you to everyone who came down for the opening night. 

The evening was blessed with some beautiful sunshine; and conversations about Lagos/ art/ life/ photography amongst an engaging crowd. Logo provided the perfect soundtrack with an excellent selection of music from Asa to Wiz Kid, before we all rolled on to the after party across the road at Busta Mantis.

For those not able to make it on the 29 the exhibition will be open Fri- Sunday until the 22 May, we've had a great response so far. Come see.